A digital powerhouse for utilities to deliver more enjoyable, satisfying customer experiences

Surefire Energy Communications provides the creative and technical firepower to delight customers and achieve your business goals through compelling social media, Web and email communications.

Our methodologies drive to clear, measurable goals. Our thinking: You can’t manage what you can’t measure.
We’re savvy marketers. We know energy. We excel at creating compelling energy-related content for the Web, social media and email.
Whether it’s coding, programming, email delivery or automation , we’ve got the technical prowess to make it happen, regardless of platform.

Satisfy customers and the CFO with email communications

Sending utility customers email makes perfect sense with today’s vast mobile audience. You can reach customers faster and easier than ever.  
What’s more, you can save a bundle on printing and postage by converting snail mail to email. Plus, email can drive customers to your website and reduce call volumes.

Surefire will help you thrive in the digital age by creating social media, Web and email communications that please your customers and benefit the bottom line.

The Surefire advantage: Deep utility roots

We know energy utilities. We’ve worked for some of the best. And we’ve led the way in digital communications. That’s why you’re certain to succeed with Surefire. Let’s get started.

Four ways to love on your customers with email

  • Roll out a red-carpet welcome with a series of inviting messages introducing your services to new customers.
  • Warn of threatening weather, provide safety precautions and outage restoration updates.
  • Send program participants timely reminders and tips.
  • Offer deals and discounts that save energy and lower bills.

Customer viewing a mobile phone.